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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am NOT Tech Savvy. Can this work for me?

A: This system was designed for non-technical users. There is minimal setup, which is well documented in our startup videos.

Q: Are there upcharges for additional features?

A: All of the functionality is available right out of the gate. You will not be upsold additional tools at any point.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: The only additional costs are your communication costs. You control them 100% and are based on usage. The rates are as follows:

- Phone Numbers - $1.72/number/month
- Outbound Minutes - $0.021/minute
- Inbound Minutes - $0.0128/minute
- SMS Segments - $0.0119/segment

- Outbound Emails - $0.00105/email

Q: What if I need help?

A: We have a library of over 300 articles and videos. Additionally, we offer LIVE CHAT support to our members. We also strongly suggest joining our Facebook Group where you will find a thriving community of Lead2Client users.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes!!! If you would like to subscribe to the annual plan you will get 2 months free. We also offer discounts on communication costs for Elite Support subscribers and you get your CRM included at no additional cost. Lastly, we do offer the CRM and Elite Support for FREE with the purchase of leads from our Business-In-A-Box platform. (Leads must be purchased at least once per 30 day period to maintain your free account and support)

Q: How much work is needed to get started?

A: We insist on a white glove onboarding process where we will get your account fully set up for you. We also provide you with priority support for your first two weeks to ensure that you hit the ground running and make the most out of your free trial period.

Q: I want custom work done, can you do that for me?

A: Yes. We have experts that can design anything from Website to Funnels to Custom Automation. These customizations are included with Elite but can also be requested without Elite Support. Simply reach out to us if you would like to discuss.

Q: What exactly is Elite?

A: Elite Support is our premium plan providing our users with an easy way to get fast, efficient support through Slack, Zoom, phone calls, text messages, email, and more. All users have access to support if needed, however, we reserve time slots for our Elite members to ensure that the users that need the extra support, receive the extra support.

In addition to priority support, Elite members have access to Strategy Sessions where they can meet one-on-one with a product specialist to go over just about anything from building a custom website, funnel or automations. We can help you build your business, because while you may be working for yourself, you don't have to be working by yourself.

Elite also offers an increased Affiliate commission, raising the normal 15% recurring commission to 25% recurring for all referrals you bring to our system.

You also qualify for 20% off communication costs.

Interested in trying out Elite? Just let us know!

Q: Do you provide leads?

A: We have a program called Business-In-A-Box, which is a lead delivery program and includes the CRM as well as Elite Support at no additional cost. All you have to do is make a purchase every 30 days to keep your free account in place. If you stop purchasing leads from us, no problem. You will still have access to your account and we will simply reinstate your CRM and Elite subscription.

While leads are not included with the normal CRM or Elite Support subscription plans, there are many easy ways to bring leads into our system as well as automate leads getting added, so you can start working your leads while you are sleeping, or on vacation, or simply out and about.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: You can cancel simply by visiting the "Manage Account" section at the top of the website. Alternatively, you can cancel by emailing billing@lead2clientcrm.com. There are NO CONTRACTS so you may cancel at any time.

Q: Do you offer referral bonuses?

A: Yes!! For each member you bring, you will receive 15% of their monthly CRM subscription on a recurring basis. This means as long as they remain a client, you will continue to earn passive income - by either direct deposit to your bank account or Paypal. Elite members will receive a 10% bonus on top of the existing commission, bringing the affiliate program from 15% to 25% recurring, passive income. You can join our affiliate program by clicking here.

Q: How many phone numbers can I have in the CRM?

A: You can have as many numbers as you would like. Phone numbers are billed out at $1.30/month for a local line and $2.60/month for a toll-free line. Elite members get 20% off these charges.




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